Wilton Food Blogger Workshop

Earlier this week, I was among 20+ food bloggers from around the country flown out to Chicago by Wilton to participate in the Wilton Food Blogger Workshop at their headquarters. Fortunately for me, my good friend Jenn was invited too, because without her, I may have gone crazy dealing with our flight mishaps and the insane Chicago weather. (Humid and 96 degrees on Wednesday, 65 and hail/thunder/lighting/rain/flooding the following day.)

Anyway, I was so flattered to have been chosen to attend and in great company, as you can see by the welcome board:
In good company

Thursday was packed full of fun! We learned about buttercream, tried out new products, took a tour of the Wilton decorating room and and photo studio, had lunch, learned about fondant (I need desperate help), then finally worked in teams to put our new skills to use in a decorating competition.

I was teamed up with Kristy of Mommy Hates Cooking and Megan of Not Martha who were both wonderful teammates and didn’t laugh at my lack of decorating skills. Here’s Kristy and Megan hard at work on our basket weave flower bouquet. It’s also one of the rare times none of us had frosting somewhere on our clothes or in our hair.
There was frosting EVERYWHERE

Following the competition, we boarded a bus and visited the Wilton School and Wilton Enterprises where we saw the history wall and visited the test kitchen (and ate cupcakes, naturally). From there we were pleasantly surprised with vouchers to spend at the Wilton tent sale. I got a ton of stuff, including doughnut pans (recipe coming soon), a bundt pan, bags, gel frosting, vanilla, a pastry wheel, and much more. It was like my birthday and Hanukkah all rolled into one! That night, we had an awards ceremony and dinner as a group, along with the Wilton folks. Each team was awarded a super cute [faux] cake, and our team won “Most Contemporary” for our basket weave bouquet.

Thank you Wilton for inviting me, I had an amazing time!

To see individual pictures, click on the mosaic then click on the links in Flickr.
Wilton Food Blogger Workshop