What does nosh mean?
Nosh is the Yiddish word for snack. Sure, I’ll use it in a sentence: Dinner’s not for a few hours, have a nosh.

Will you review my cookbook/baking related product?
If it’s baking related, send me an email. But please note I am Jewish, so if it’s Christmas, Easter, etc. related, it’s not a good fit. Yes, I’m sure.

Who eats all of the goodies you make?
My family and friends eat a lot of it, but my coworkers get the honor of being the official Nosh With Me Guinea Pigs. See, there’s perk of hiring me!

How do I melt chocolate?
I usually just melt it in a small saucepan over very low heat, stirring it constantly. But for more information, Cooking for Engineers has a wonderful piece on how to melt or temper chocolate.

How long will the marshmallows last?
Store them in an airtight container and they will be good for a couple of weeks.

Can I buy anything you make?
I don’t have an online business, but depending on what you’re interested in, contact me!

Should I use salted or unsalted butter?
Butter should be unsalted and at room temperature (just let it sit on the counter), unless the recipe states otherwise.

Can I use butter instead of Crisco in the butter cream frosting?
I have not tried substituting butter for shortening, but from what I’ve read, the substitution does alter the taste and consistency. Sorry!

Where did you get those white plastic cupcake holders that fit into a bakery box?
They are sometimes known as cupcake carrier trays or cupcake inserts, depending on whom you ask. I bought them at a store in Culver City called Surfas. Unfortunately, they’ve been on backorder for months, and no one seems to know when they’re coming in. So, I’ve resorted to buying them online at Kitchen Krafts for the time being.

Where did you buy dragees in California?
I didn’t, as they are not sold in California. My friends have mailed them to me from other states.