A Reader Asks…

From Shawna:

I am looking for a cupcake design and wondering if you have done this before.

What it is , is creating a tower of cupcakes without a stand and making it look like a 3 layer cake. building it up without icing on it (Layer by layer ) and then drizzling a liquid chocolate of white and dark on it. criss cross all over it. (or if you could think of some other creative design easy to make i would be up for ideas) I have never seen this. but have come up with the idea and I don’t make cakes and i can’t seem to find anyone to do it. I thought if i could find someone to help me come up with the info on how to put it together i would try to make it on my own. if you have not done it. would you mind helping me brain storm on how it could be done. Right from stacking the cupcakes and what would be used to do this so that they stay together and not fall.

Now the cupcakes would be for 100people and i would like 60 of them stacked and then the rest of them would be arranged around them. Do you think this is possible to stack that many?

Could you please help me brain storm this. It’s for my wedding on Aug 5th/06.

Can anyone help?


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    deb on 1 July 22nd, 2006 7:54 am

    Hey Shawna –

    This can probably be done and it’s easier to think of building blocks versus baking. I’m not sure if you want a tower, as in, it will get smaller as it gets to the top, like a pyramid; or a straight-vertical edged stacked experience, but I’d lean you toward the first option, as it will be far more stable. (Cupcakes in paper liners are wobbly at best. Silicon liners or the kind of dessert cup liners that Chockylit uses might give you more stability.)

    The pyramid option would also allow the most chocolate to hit each cupcake. (The first thing that came to my mind when I read this was that if you were to stack un-iced cupcakes and drizzle something over the top, the bottom layers and inner layers would get hit with little-to-no topping.) It would be fairly easy to assemble on a cake plate and just build a pyramid, making sure each cupcake rests centered over the crack between two below, for the most stability.

    If you really, really don’t want a pyramid (and, oh, what a cute cupcake you could put on top for bride and groom!) you might want to look into some stands, such as a couple of these or one of these or these.