A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m often asked what my favorite kitchen tools are, and with the holidays coming up, I figured some of you may be making a wish list and/or buying for some of your favorite bakers. So, without further ado, here are a few (or several) of my favorite kitchen related things.

Two notes: 1. These are Amazon Affiliate links. If you buy something using these links, I get a few pennies. 2. Hover over the image to get price and more info.

OXO POP Containers

I keep all of my flours, sugars, and anything else for baking in the square containers. They’re easy to clean, stackable, and best of all–OXO has a satisfaction guarantee on their products, so if you ever have any issues with anything, they take care of it easily!

Silicone Pie Shield

No longer will you have to try to fit foil around the outside of your pies. This is the kind of product you buy and think “Why didn’t I invent this?” It’s brilliant.

OXO Cookie Scoops

I have these in three sizes because they are perfect. Everyone always asks how I get all of my cookies the same size–this is how. Plus, it’s designed so well there is no hand cramping or struggling to get the dough out.

Offset Spatula

Not only are these perfect for frosting cupcakes, but I use them to smooth batter in any kind of pan.

Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer

Want to make peeling/coring/slicing apples a million times easier? Get this. Now. It is seriously one of the best inventions ever.


I know, technically not a kitchen product but hear me out. You have a cake to bake and have already styled your hair and don’t want to put it in a ponytail because of the annoying dent you’ll get in the back of your head. Tassi to the rescue! The Tassi pulls your hair away from your face without the dent! Of course, I live alone so there’s no shame in wearing it while I’m baking, but if you have roommates or a significant other you may get strange looks.

Large Silicone Mats

My apartment was built in the Formica counter era, which means anything I spill on the counter seeps into it and stains. So, whenever I’m baking I put a silicon mat on the counter so I can easily wipe everything clean. So simple. Plus, it’s great for rolling pie dough onto or cutting out fondant on.

Silicone Spatulas with Wood Handles

Have you ever melted a spatula? It’s not fun to clean up. Do yourself a favor and get some of these. The wood handles won’t melt and the silicone can be used up to a really high temp so they’re perfect for making candy!

GelPro Floor Mat

If you have back problems or a horrible kitchen floor, these are a must. I have one in my tiny galley kitchen and I don’t know what I did without it.

Trudeau Pinch Bowls

The prep bowls are made of silicone so they’re flexible; they’re great for pouring.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Do I really even need to explain how much I love this mixer?

Super Cool Product Alert

cupcake1.jpgIf you make cupcakes as often as I do, you’ll find this new cupcake courier a must buy as well! I’ll report back on how well it works when I use it. I can’t wait, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time!