OC Fair Deliciousness

Last weekend, my sister and I got an early start and headed to the OC Fair. It was a gorgeous day and we were ready to explore! We knew we had a lot of eating ahead of us so we paced ourselves well.

Orange County Fair 2013

After a leisurely stroll to check out all of the food options, we decided to start with the Krispy Kreme fried chicken sandwich. We were both pleasantly surprised by the savory/sweet combination and found the chicken to be extremely moist.

Orange County Fair 2013

Krispy Kreme Fried Chicken Sandwich

Next up were the fried artichoke hearts which I had been looking forward to since I heard about them weeks prior from a friend who ate at them at the Del Mar Fair. While they weren’t my favorite (a little too much breading for my taste), they were still delicious. If you get them, make sure to get some ranch for dipping.

Orange County Fair 2013

Fried Artichokes

Not yet totally stuffed, we decided we had to try the fried cookie dough as we were told it was one of the most popular items at the fair. It sure lived up to the hype! Gooey, chocolately, and covered in a fried batter, this was pretty damn amazing and my sister’s favorite thing we ate.

Orange County Fair 2013

Fried Cookie Dough

Knowing there is a fine line between content and stuffed, we called it quits after the cookie dough, which turned out to be the right decision.

And in case you’re counting calories (who are we kidding? at the fair?), there are non-edible food related things to check out. There’s a Culinary & Crafts exhibit  in the OC Promenade with tons to do, including chocolate demos. We watched a toffee demo in front of the wall of chocolate, and I learned the reason my toffee sometimes separates is because I used unsalted butter; always use salted! Side note: The Silpat used during the demo had a lip on it so it covered the lip of the baking sheet. Brilliant! Has anyone ever seen that? I want one!

Orange County Fair 2013

Wall of Chocolate

Orange County Fair 2013

Wall of Bundts

Of course, there are plenty of other things to check out like the livestock, rides, and a ton of exhibits. For more information, visit:

Website: ocfair.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/OCFair
Twitter: twitter.com/ocfair
Phone: 714.708.1500.
Mobile: OC Fair iPhone and Android apps featuring a Food Finder and schedules of events

The Orange County Fair is open Wednesday – Sunday through August 11. Don’t miss out!

Disclosure: The kind folks at the OC Fair knew I couldn’t wait to taste the deep-fried cookie dough and offered me two tickets for admission and food vouchers as well as two tickets to give away. Obviously I couldn’t say no.


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